Celia Christmass

A highly regarded Kodály specialist and choral conductor, Celia Christmass has presented at conferences all over Australia. In 1989 Celia received a Hungarian Government Scholarship and spent a year studying at the Kodály Institute in Kecksermet. At the conclusion of that year she was awarded the Mrs. Zoltan Kodály Scholarship and invited to continue her studies for a second year. In 1992 Celia completed her Masters Degree in Music Education at Holy Names College in California, USA. In 2001 she was awarded an ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award.

Celia has taught at both primary and secondary school level in both the public and private domains. She now teaches classroom music, conducts five choirs and co-directs a school concert band at Perth Modern School. Naya is thrilled to have Celia on board as conductor of the soprano/alto repertoire.